• Retrofitting



The reorganization of production sites or the installation of used machines require disassembling, packing, assembling of critical equipment.
Pietro Carnaghi Service supports its customers with an experienced intervention on its own production machines, having the know-how and the skills to complete these activities in a more efficient and prompt way.

After several years of production, some machines may require an update with new technologies. The electrical and electronic reconditioning might be the right answer to take the machines to new safety standards and complying to new spare parts packages, increasing the production efficiency.

Pietro Carnaghi covers the following activies:
• In depth evaluation of the Pietro Carnaghi machine status
• Detailed offer about the suggested intervention
• Electrical and mechanical project
• Completion of electrical cabinet and machine on board devices
• Machine start up and functioning test
• Restoring of the agreed geometrical alignments

Pietro Carnaghi Machine Retrofitting

After several years production machines need to be updated with new technologies to make them more efficient and to elevate safety levels. The obsolesce of electronics more than mechanics, the difficulty of finding spare parts after many years of operation, and the high cost of buying new...

Machine Relocation

The reorganization of plant layout or simply the purchase of second-hand machines often require dismantling, moving and installation of machinery at different sites. Pietro Carnaghi supports customers with moving machines around the world and offers its know-how ensuring speed and quality that...